Val Camonica and Lake Iseo by bike

Val Camonica and Lake Iseo by bike

Val Canonica takes its name from the Camuni people who lived in the area before the arrival of the Romans. When in the first century AD the territory was conquered by Rome, the inhabitants became integrated with the Latins, losing all previous traditions.

Of the original people of the Camuni there are only some rock carvings that can be admired along the path of the Cycle Track of Val Camonica. The itinerary develops partially on a protected site, separate from automobile traffic, and partly on secondary roads.

The path we propose foresees a long ride on the Cycle Track of Val Camonica, in a slight descent, and the periple of Lake Iseo. In total it is approximately 136 km.

The cycle path starts in Capo di Ponte and it always develops lightly in the center of the valley. On both sides you can see the high local mountains.
Along the way you will find some very interesting places like the medieval castle of Breno and the Archeopark of Darfo Boario Terme.
The journey to Val Camonica ends in Pisogne on the shores of Lake Iseo.

The periple of the lake is a 62 km long road to be tackled mostly on the plain. You will be pedal on some local bike paths that in the future should allow the entire lake tour to be protected.

In summer the lake and its banks are very popular, so do not miss the opportunity to visit the island of Montisola that is completely careless.