The Right Po cycle path

The Right Po cycle path

MesolaThe Right Po cycle path is the longest in Italy, for all its 125 km runs almost exclusively on roads for cyclists. The itinerary, inaugurated in 2001, is entirely in the province of Ferrara: from Stellata to Gorino Ferrarese. It is a flat path where you mostly pedal on asphalt, except for the final stretch of the delta. There are no particular difficulties except for the length and for the complete exposure to the sun. It is therefore advisable to face it in the spring or autumn, if you decide to run it in the summer better to take advantage of the coolest hours of the day and make provisions of water in each crossed area.


As soon as you leave Stellata, the track moves away from the Po by leading you to Bondeno, this is a deviation necessary to get around the Panaro River. You are back on the shores of the great river in the natural area of the Porporana Wood, one of the few plain woods along the Po.

Ferrara-città-delle-biciclette - Filippo-Pollastri

Ferrara, città delle biciclette – Filippo Pollastri (wikipedia) CC BY-SA 3.0

You then travel about 35 km and we are practically at the gates of Ferrara, a city of art famous for being the capital of the Este Court and … for bicycles! The city is connected to the Right Po bike path from at least two routes reserved for cyclists, at this point making a detour to visit it is almost obligatory!

Starting from Francolino, you are noticed that the banks of the river become ever higher; in fact, the sediments brought by the river increase exponentially by approaching its mouth and the water level rises accordingly. In Ro’s municipality you find the Oasi Mulino del Po established in ’99 in the protection of local fauna and flora. Continuing, at 50th km, you cross the village of Guarda Ferrarese and you can admire its beautiful little church of the ‘700.

Just beyond, the Po river forks and they take two different directions. The bike path continues along the Po of Goro, which is the branch of the river that gives rise to the delta on the Adriatic Sea. In a first stretch the river runs parallel to the White Canal, and equally the route travels to the center of this river track to the town of Mesola. The town can be recognized from afar thanks to the imposing sixteenth century castle that dominates his profile.

riserva_naturale_parco_della_mesolaThe last bend of the river, about on the 100th km mark, is occupied by the Bosco di Santa Giustina, ancient hunting reserve of the Este family. This stretch inside the forest is dirt but well pedalable because the trails are wide and well kept. Exiting from this green spot, about 4 km long, you arrive at the end of the Right Po cycle path: the village of Gorino Ferrarese.