Puglia: “Via dei Colli” by bike

Puglia: “Via dei Colli” by bike

Via dei Colli is an old Apulian road linking the town of Cisternino to the town of Ostuni. It is an ideal itinerary for cycling because you are always surrounded by nature. The route is mainly developed on dirt road and is characterized by the presence of low dry walls defining agricultural properties.

Starting from Cisternino, just after leaving the historic village you will find the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Iberia, a church dating back to the 12th century. Continue straight in the direction of Ostuni facing some uncompromising upsets that lead us to cross ancient local districts.
In some, the original urban structure is still clearly visible, according to which they developed: some houses and trulli gathered around the jazzile, the public square.

In the vicinity of the Acquarossa district, the route becomes “roller coaster”, ie climbing steep and steep slopes, so good speed is required. Later, you reach a provincial road and travel for a few kilometers before returning to a dirt road that opens to the left.

Continuing to the pedal, you reach the Sanctuary of San Biagio in Rialbo. This gorgeous building is integrated alongside a rocky hill that is half cave and half a church. The next sanctuary will be the one of Sant’Oronzo in Ostuni, far away a few kilometers away.

The whole itinerary is only 16 km long and full of places of interest.