Mincio’s Cycle Track: on bike from Peschiera to Mantua

Mincio’s Cycle Track: on bike from Peschiera to Mantua

Mincio_Bike_PathOne of the easiest cycling routes in Northern Italy, Mincio’s Cycle Track is only 45 km long and runs smoothly along the River Mincio from Peschiera del Garda to Mantua.
Fully paved, well-marked and isolated from automobile traffic, it is suitable for beginners of cyclotourism and families with children.
The best time to travel it is spring, when nature around the river is more lush than ever, but beware, it is also the most popular period.


The cycle track starts at Peschiera del Garda, an ancient medieval town full of fortifications, rocks and ditches, and immediately head south. After a few kilometers there is a first inhabited center, Monzambano, one of the 13 municipalities belonging to the Mincio Regional Park. The route runs almost entirely within the boundaries of the park through natural areas of great environmental value. As you pedal you will also have the opportunity to spot many bird species, perhaps discovering yourselves birdwatching enthusiasts.

From Monzambano you continue towards Castellaro Lagusello, moving away few kilometers from the river. A detour at this locality is a must to visit the palafitte village on the lake of Fondo Tacoli. Returning along the course of the Mincio, you reach Borghetto, a small town among the “Most Beautiful Villages of Italy”. The countryside is particularly picturesque with a bridge of 1395, several still functioning water mills and the little church of San Marco.

Mantova_from_MincioAfter passing Borghetto you enter definitively in Mantua territory and after about 30 km you begin to see the three small lakes that surround the northern part of the city. Mantua occupies a large part of the Mincio river that in medieval times was artificially divided into four mirrors of water, one of which was then drained. This particular feature guaranteed the city some natural protection from any attacks and today makes it very impressive.