How to do free camping during a bicycle tour

How to do free camping during a bicycle tour

Free camping on a bicycle trip is a solution that saves you a lot of money. It also guarantees total freedom by satisfying the craving for adventure of cyclists.

Of course staying overnight in a hotel has many benefits in terms of comfort: warm showers, soft beds, shelter from the weather. However, if you are pedaling in remote areas, camping is often the only solution.

The areas where free camping is possible vary greatly from country to country. In northern Europe (Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland) camping is generally tolerated, while in countries such as Germany, where camping facilities are widespread, it is not indicated.

In general it is forbidden to camp inside protected areas and national parks and of course in private property. It is allowed in almost any remote area. The only thing to do is not to camp too far from roads and houses, from places where, if needed, you can ask for help.
Once you have found the appropriate piece of land, make sure to remove any protruding stones before laying the tent.

The ideal tent for cycling is to be small and as light as possible. This will in fact add the weight of the mattress, sleeping bag and possibly a stove including tableware and various accessories.