Food integration in cycling

Food integration in cycling

Food integration in cycling, just as the word suggests, is a “plus” to integrate, or fill in any gaps.
Most of the food your body needs to cope with the physical effort required by bicycle activity must come from normal nutrition.
Supplements simply serve to provide those nutrients that nutrition alone can not naturally produce in sufficient quantities.

Be careful not to confuse integration with doping. The first provides useful nutrients that the body needs to work, doping has effects on cells at the chemical-physical level, resulting in a net improvement in performance. The price of this effect is then discounted by the body that sooner or later can accuse liver, heart or diabetes diseases.

Integration is not something to be taken lightly, you must turn to an experienced nutritionist before starting to take pills only on the advice of friends, relatives, bikers or according to online information.

A serious food integration plan studied by a professional is personalized and applicable only to the person who made the request. Also consider the first, during and after physical activity by providing for the right nutrition to be integrated at any time.

  • Preliminary integration – to make the body reach the optimum values to cope with physical effort.
  • Under effort integration – aimed to reintegrating nutrients lost during physical activity.
  • Integration for restore – to allow the body to quickly recover energy and at the same time eliminate the toxins accumulated during physical activity.