Five reasons why drinking beer is good for health

Five reasons why drinking beer is good for health

Debunk a false myth, drinking beer is good!

In general, it’s the so-called raw beer, or rather, the typical artisan beer, the one that brings greater benefits to the human body; the absence of pasteurization allows to keep intact the properties that are able to interact positively with the human organism.

As in all things, you do not have to overdo it and before you uncork or tap it, read the best way to taste it.

We are not looking for simple justifications to lighten the guilty feelings, but there are at least five very serious reasons, confirmed by so many scientific studies:

1. It helps you to keep the shape. Few sugars, lots of water. Beer is refreshing and unlike other alcohol, cocktails and various drinks, not makes you gain weight. So debunked the myth of the “enemy of the belly”, but be warned, drink responsibly;

2. It makes you feel good. Prevents the diseases. The 2008 Food and Chemical Toxicology study argues that silicon in beer could help prevent Alzehimer. It also improves the flow of blood in the arteries and increases the “good” cholesterol. But be careful to not overdo, drinking too much beer can cause memory loss;

3. The beer makes you beautiful. Golden color can already be a clue. Barely, ferulic acid and many other ingredients can make our hair more beautiful and shiny, out skin and more;

4. It makes you happy. In beer there are many super nutrients: phosphorus, iodine, magnesium, potassium and calcium. Better if not pasteurized because it contains more amounts of vitamin B. Especially if you are vegetarian: not many people know that beer is in particular a natural source of Vitamin B12. Vitamin that is mainly found in foods of animal origin and plays a decisive role in the well-functioning of the nervous system, being also nicknamed the “good humor” Vitamin;

5. It rebalances the hormones. It reduce menopause, eliminate heat flushes, and the loss of the libido. Thanks to phytoestrogens present in hops, compounds similar to estrogen found in plants.

A curiosity: one glass a day protects you from the risk of kidney stones.