More fish against cardiovascular risk

More fish against cardiovascular risk

More fish against cardiovascular risk and in particular against heart failure.

The risk of heart failure is an important health problem that seems to be able to be modulated, at least in part, by both lifestyle and some foods that can be consumed. In fact, elevated levels of omega-3 have been associated with reduction of systemic inflammation, oxidative stress and improvement of cardiac and muscular function. Some scientific studies have shown that the consumption of fish and polyunsaturates can favorably influence the pathogenesis of heart disease. I then report an interesting study in which 84,493 menopausal women were analyzed.

To these women were recorded for 10 years the level of fish consumption, the different methods of preparation (baked / grilled or fried), the addition of omega-3 and fatty acids with the diet.

From the analysis of the results, first of all, there is a strong correlation between the number of weekly portions of baked or grilled fish and the reduction of the risk of failure, which is maximum for those consuming 5 or more portions. On the contrary, it has been shown that the risk of failure is increased dose-dependent in relation to the levels of intake of fried fish consumed for 1 or more portions per week.

We can conclude that these observations suggest the protective effect in menopausal women with high cardiovascular risk, high consumption of baked and grilled fish, but not fried fish.