Family-friendly itineraries: Valtellina Trail

Family-friendly itineraries: Valtellina Trail

sentiero_valtellinaThe Path of Valtellina offers breathtaking views that cross the territory between Colico and Bormio. Being more than 100km long, for less trained and families, it is advisable to divide the trail into several stages and take advantage of it to visit the quaint hamlets of the area. The trail runs almost entirely on a protected and paved roads and has no demanding differences in height, except in the last section.

The cycle path starts at Colico, a picturesque town overlooking Lake Como, and continues eastward, approaching the mouth of the Adda River and then moving up along the course. You stay close to the river all the way up to its source. The first stretch ends in Morbegno, located about 18 km after departure. The road to the village is slightly uphill but once you arrive you can recover the energies with a snack of local cheeses and cured meats.

After passing Morbegno, the cycle path continues towards Talamona and Cedrasco, always run along vast cultivated fields and groves. At Cedrasco you begin to ride on the most beautiful stretch of the Valtellina Trail, the track runs through many green areas equipped with children’s playgrounds. Once at the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Sassella, you have traveled about 45 km and you are in sight of Sondrio.

A stop in this provincial capital is ideal for recovering the forces and eventually passing the night, but certainly will not stop your the desire to pedal. Taking the bike path back in a few minutes you will reach Chiuro, Valtellina’s most important wine-producing center. The country is completely surrounded by vineyards and with the bike you can enjoy a wonderful panorama on the rows.

Continuing to the east, the cycle track takes us to Teglio, a small historical village from which the name of the whole valley is derived, and to Tirano, at the Swiss border. From here the route moves northeast and begins an uphill stretch where the fatigue will definitely felt. It’s about at least 13 km, necessary to reach 650 mt of altitude and enter Grosio.

tappa_7If you do not want to engage in even more challenging altitudes, Grosio could be the last stop on your itinerary, but you know that the Valtellina Trail continues for another 26 kilometers up to Bormio, a famous winter tourist resort set at more than 1,200 meters.