Families on bike in Denmark

Families on bike in Denmark

Bici-famigliaBicycle is certainly the preferred means of transport from children: once you learn the basics it’s easy to maneuver, light, comfortable, fun, without counting that even the little ones can keep the same pace of adults, or even exceed them!

So why not use the bike for a vacation with the whole family? Denmark is the ideal place for this type of experience. The bicycle routes in this country are very well equipped and without any particular difficulty because they are mostly on flat. In addition to enchanting landscapes where green and nature are protagonists, there are some truly unmissable attractions suitable for young and old. Is the case of Legoland, the fun park all built with LEGO bricks and the Givskud Zoo in Jutland, where climbing on the safari bus you can admire antelopes, gazelles, bisons, ostriches and elephants in person. How you can miss a cycle ride along the colorful canals of Copenhagen?

The rules for pedaling safely with children are simple:

  • schedule stages not exceeding 30-40 km. The protagonist must be the fun and not the mileage.
  • choose the right means of transportation according to the age and experience of children on bicycles. Is better transport them on your bike, drag them on a carriage or let them pedal autonomously?
  • schedule many stops along the way.

Warning! in Denmark the helmet is recommended to adults and compulsory for children.