Cycling in London

Cycling in London

UK capital has an extension of 977 sq km, but moving from one side of the city is quite easy thanks to the efficient bus and subway service.
Not so efficient is the system of London cycle tracks: virtually nonexistent. In fact, although there are several bike paths reported, in the “city” there are no (or nearly) cycling tracks.

In recent years, city administration is moving to improve roadblock on two wheels, but for the moment the safest places to ride are the streets that cross the river canals and the real parks. For the rest, you have almost always been forced to divide the road with cars, buses, trucks and taxis.
To ride on bicycles on busy London streets, it is essential to wear a helmet and perhaps a mask. In addition, to be well visible to motorists, it is very important to wear reflective clothing and make sure your bike’s lights are working properly.

A little difficulty to overcome for us Italians is then the lead on the left: you have to make a habit and always pay attention especially to roundabouts and crossings. To us it is spontaneous to occupy the right lane, but in London it would be really dangerous!

About the weather: it is always very variable, you can jump in sudden droppings as short as you can or face strong winds. The advice is to go prepared with waterproof, windproof but lightweight clothes and easy to fold and put in your bag.

The average Londoner uses a lot of bicycle for small trips within the city and you will not have trouble finding shops with rental service. Most of these however offer almost exclusively street bikes. Very popular among the inhabitants are also foldable bikes because they can be transported on the metro for free.