Cycle Track Valle del Chiese

Cycle Track Valle del Chiese

Just a few kilometers west of Lake Garda lies the smallest and less renowned Lake Idro. Despite being not as famous as its neighbor, the lake is home to many cycling and bicycle touring enthusiasts because a wonderful itinerary takes place on its banks: the Cycle Track Valle del Chiese.

The route runs along the river banks of Chiese for about 20 km. In fact, from the shores of Lake Idro, the water course leads to the village of Pieve di Bono. Even though the bike track runs in the direction of the river source, on the trail you’ll never come over difficult slopes, and the altitude difference is almost imperceptible.

You always ride on a protected site and dirt roads through the small valley towns.
Its characteristics make the Cycle Track Valle del Chiese particularly suitable for family excursions.

The starting point is Baitoni, a village on the banks of the lake of clear farmer’s origins. From here the track runs north on wooden bridges and pedestrian walkways immersed in nature. The pleasant river noise accompanies cyclists all the way. You pedal among woods and meadows with mountains in the background.

The Cycle Track Valle del Chiese reaches Cimengo, a quiet valley village full of hiking trails in the woods, and then Quartinago, an ancient medieval hamlet that still has strong appearances of the time.

Arrived to Pieve di Bono you cannot miss to visit the church. It is one of the oldest in the valley and very scenic like the newly bike track just finished.