Biking with the family along the “Dolomiti Way”

Biking with the family along the “Dolomiti Way”

Walk through woods and countries framed by mountains, suspended bridges, and gorges of incredible suggestion. All this is possible along the “Via delle Dolomiti” or Dolomiti Way.
It is about 80 km that winds between Cortina d’Ampezzo, Dobbiaco and Lienz.

The entire route takes place in a slight climb without ever becoming demanding. It is therefore also suitable for families with children, perhaps stopping for a night along the way.
The best bicycle, especially for the first stretch, is definitely a mountain bike because you have to pedal on dirt roads.

When you left Cortina, you immediately began to ride along the route of the ex-railroad built for military purposes in 1905. The route is today a very popular street for hikers and cyclists heading to Dobbiaco.

By walking along the ex-railway you have the opportunity to admire the beautiful views that only Alpine nature can give. One of the most striking views is what can be appreciated from the Felizon Bridge, a long bridge suspended on the homonymous canyon.


Later you reach Carbonin and then Lake Landro from which you can see the Three Peaks of Lavaredo. From here after just another 3 km you arrive in Dobbiaco.

Between the Italian city and Lienz, in Austria, there are about 50 km to go along the river Drava. It is a busy route because it is well-marked, full of alternative services to the bike and without any difficulty.

The beginning of the cycle path is near the Dobbiaco station. Once you arrive at the Italy-Austria border you can still see the old customs house.
Once in Austria, the itinerary continues downhill through the countryside to Lienz.