Bicycle touring with the family from Locorotondo to Alberobello

Bicycle touring with the family from Locorotondo to Alberobello

The countryside between Locorotondo and Alberobello are ideal for cyclists: they do not have slopes or demanding climbs, but only gentle ups and downs and panoramic views.

The proposed route is about 25 km long, a distance suitable also for children and therefore ideal for families. It mostly runs on asphalted roads and dirt roads in the countryside with no dangerous roots or rocks. To mark the border between the road and the fields and between one street and the other, there are km and km of dry stone walls, made of local stone.

Starting from Locorotondo the road to reach the town of trulli is shorter and more direct than the one expected for the return, but no less panoramic. You are pedal on easy municipal roads that cross several rural districts of the area. You are immersed in a wonderful rural landscape made of cultivated fields and farms.

Alberobello is one of the sites reported by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Its peculiarity is the characteristic dwellings that can be found in the old town and its surroundings: the trulli. These white buildings and the typical dome roof have been built centuries ago in limestone, an abundant resource of the territory.

Particularly fascinating are the symbols drawn on the exterior dome of the trulli. Some are religious symbols, other pagans. Some represent popular superstition, others are simply decorating or defining the property of the home. Many of these symbols remain a mystery today.

The return to Locorotondo follows faithfully the loops of panoramic country roads partly asphalted and partially dirt. The return path is definitely more tortuous with numerous turning left and right.