Bicycle Touring with the kids

Bicycle Touring with the kids

Bicycle touring with the kids is possible? Of course, taking the right precautions.
The best paths for families are those that mainly run on a bicycle track separated from traffic. Cycle tracks equipped with many services for tourists as picnic and small playgrounds for children. The needs of the children require frequent stops and it is also better to do short stretches of up to 50 km.

How to transport children on bicycle?
Children can begin to enjoy bicycles with their parents around 8-9 months. As soon as they are able to sit upright, it is possible to carry them on the front seat attached to the handlebars. As the baby grows, however, he will need to have a more comfortable, anatomical and resistant seat.

Beware of the quality of the materials, do not save money on children safety. The seat should be firmly secured to the bike, some are also fitted with footrests and belts. A rear seat can be used up to 5 years old.

When the children grow up but are not big enough to cycle the necessary route, a good solution is the baby trailer. This is a comfortable two-wheeled trailer to be secured behind the bike. Inside there is enough space for one or two children. They are typically equipped with wind, sun and rain cover, seat belts, mosquito nets, and even suspensions.

However, the trailer can be too big on some bike tracks, their use is to be assessed case by case.

If the baby starts wanting to ride, you can buy an appendix, called “camel”. It is a half-bicycle (rear wheel and unbraked handlebars) that engages the parent’s bike creating a kind of tandem. The child is therefore free to ride but always insured to the parent.

Once the child has become acquainted with the bicycle and the rules of the road, once he is able to pedal independently with the supervision of an adult, it is time to take him travel with his own bicycle. Ultimately free to ride alone and with the completely shimmy view he will have even more fun.