Bicycle Touring with the family along the river Loire

Bicycle Touring with the family along the river Loire

The course of the Loire river is particularly suitable for cycling with the family. Along the river you wont meet challenging climbs but only gentle ups and downs. The route is also characterized by small and large villages where there are plenty of opportunities for refreshment and hospitality.
In the area, almost all trains allow you get on board with the bike and then travel for a few miles without pedaling admiring the countryside from the window.

Thanks to the train, you can also plan excursions around to discover the territory. The river is also navigable so you can plan trips and boat tours.

You almost always cycle on asphalt, but there are also in short stretches of dirt roads that don’t represent a difficulty. In fact, these are very well kept, in anticipation of future transformation into a real cycle track. Once arranged, along the river Loire you will be able to take advantage of about 800 km of cycle tracks fully equipped and signposted with appropriate information boards.

The Loire region is characterized by the presence of numerous castles, rural villages and historic churches. The natural environment features wonderful fairy gardens, green meadows and rolling hills covered with vineyards.

This area of France is particularly renowned in the country and abroad for the production of white and red wines. Numerous are in fact the wineries and the agricultural companies that organize tastings of local products and tours in the vineyards.
In addition to the wine, many types of regional cheeses, oysters and liqueurs are to be sampled.