Bicycle Touring in Emilia Romagna

Bicycle Touring in Emilia Romagna

Bicycle tourism in Emilia Romagna is a rather well-known and encouraged reality. Just think of Ferrara, famous as the “city of bicycles”. The region is full of cycle routes of a certain length, but which allow you to explore the territory with simplicity in harmony with nature.

Emilia Romagna is easily accessible, being located in central northern Italy. This region has very developed road links and as many cycle paths. It is also reached by the European cycle paths in particular from Eurovelo 5Eurovelo 8 and Eurovelo 7.

The bike + train option is absolutely possible, especially in the north of the region.

In Emilia Romagna there are mountains, hills and sea: there is only the embarrassment of choice. The places to discover are really many and just as varied are the landscapes.

The most famous routes for cycling in Emilia Romagna are the aforementioned Eurovelo itineraries. These largely exploit local cycle paths that are very popular and used by the population. In particular, the Adriatic Cycle Route, which runs from Venice along the entire coast of the region, arriving in the Marche region.

The Via Francigena from Fidenza to Rome is also very well known. The route also develops on the Apennine ridge in the province of Parma up to the Passo della Cisa.

Routes with a shorter mileage than those described above, are scattered throughout the region. In Val di Taro, in the Comacchio Marshes, on the hills of Bologna.