The benefits of a morning workout

The benefits of a morning workout

Leaving the bed early in the morning is a complicated action for many, but it brings many benefits to our body. Getting up and moving quickly lets us get full of energy without the need for an intense workout.

What are the benefits of a morning workout?

  • Training in the morning allows you to immediately remove an activity from the list of things to do and then be more free for the day.
  • Workout before breakfast burn up to 20% more fat and awakens metabolism.
  • Physical activity in the morning increases productivity and provides energy for the rest of the day.
  • Morning training stimulates to keep a healthier diet during the day.

To further improve the start of the day, you can:
Get rid of the phone
Checking emails and messages just waking increases the level of stress, an action to avoid early in the morning.

Take 5 minutes to relax
A cup of coffee, a look at the list of things to do, to start the day with positivity.

Do stretching
Stretching allows the muscles to relax from the accumulated tension during sleep or during the previous day.

Make the bed
A simple operation that takes just 5 minutes and gives you a sense of order and organization immediately.

nature-hills-sport-bikeLet the sunlight enter
Open the windows and letting the light come in, tells our brains that it is time to get up and that the body no longer has to produce melatonin, a hormone that regulates sleep-wake cycles.

Having breakfast
A nutritious breakfast provides the energy you need to face the day and keeps your glucose levels stable during the day.