Aurina Valley and Tures Valley Cycle Track

Aurina Valley and Tures Valley Cycle Track

The Aurina Valley and Tures Valley Cycle Track is a long itinerary of about 45 km that develops in the remote areas of South Tyrol.
Aurina Valley lies on the slopes of the Austrian Alps, at the border between Italy and Austria, then by Campo Tures, it turns into the Tures Valley.

The bicycle track connects the village of Casere to Campo Tures and then to Brunico. It is an easy itinerary, if you are driving in the direction of Brunico, because it keeps downhill starting from 1,600 m and arriving to 838 m. You pedal on sheltered paths or on secondary roads away from traffic, however very poor in both valleys.
For these characteristics, the Aurina Valley and Tures Valley Cycle Track is particularly suitable for bicycle touring with the family.

Starting from Casere, take the path of the Predoi mines. The latter is the northernmost municipality of Italy and is rich in traditions and archaeological sites related to the ancient mining activity. Crossing the territory by bicycle is particularly striking, because of the tunnels and traditional huts of great charm you find along the way.

The route follows faithfully the main road, sometimes making short deviations to avoid dangerous stretches for cyclists. Most of the time you are pedal surrounded by green meadows, picturesque wooden barns, farms and alpine peaks.

At Cadipietra, about 13 km after departure, begins the real cycle track. The track follows the course of the Aurino torrent so it is impossible to get lost and if not enough, there are also numerous information signs. So you reach San Giovanni Valle Aurina and then the village of Lutago where the track goes south.

The cycle path leads directly to the Castle of Campo Tures and enters the Tures Valley. The route continues on secondary roads and easy dirt roads that allowing you to visit waterfalls, medieval villages and castles. You can easily cycle along fields and pasture to Brunico. From here you can continue pedaling along the Cycle Track of Val Pusteria.