Western Express Bicycle Route

Western Express Bicycle Route

The Western Express Bicycle Route is a cycling tour that crosses the wild west of the United States. The route, about 2.547 km, connects the city of Pueblo to Colorado with that of San Francisco, California. You then cross the states of Utah and Nevada.

This itinerary is very challenging because you cross over terrified territory, often far from all the services. You must also face steep climbs. However, you are rewarded with exciting, striking, wonderful scenery and the wild nature of the American West: completing the route is a real adventure.

It is possible to try to travel only from May to October and even during this time you are hindered by the hot heat and the storms of sand that often prevent pedaling in the desert areas.

The best solution to stay is the free camping, but in California and Colorado there are more urbanized areas.

The stretch in Colorado goes from Pueblo to Dove Creek, crossing the border enters the Capitol Reef National Park by pedaling for a few miles into a canyon landscape and high red rocks. Continue in the direction of Cedar City then toward Garrison, entering Nevada. Here is the hardest stretch of the itinerary with challenging climbs and climatic conditions very difficult if you do not have water and food supplies.
You will also pedal for a few chilometers along Highway 50, “the loneliest road in America”.

The Western Express Bicycle Route continues through Fallon and Carson City marking the entrance to California. The last obstacle to be faced before arriving in San Francisco is the Carson Pass at 2,600 m.