The trackstand technique for urban cyclists

The trackstand technique for urban cyclists

The trackstand is one of the most useful techniques for urban cyclist moving into traffic. Trackstand literally means to remain in balance on the bike while not moving.
It’s nothing complicated since balancing is the base of biking.

The real advantages of the trackstand technique are several:

  • Possibility of anticipating motor vehicles – when the urban cyclist is stationary at a road junction waiting for the traffic light to turn green, it is often forced to push beyond the stop signal to gain a few seconds of advantage over cars, bikes and lorries and thus avoid be swallowed by traffic. The trackstand allows you to gain even more time and start speeding as soon as the green light turns on.
  • Value situations – pedaling in traffic requires attention, you must be prepared to face any sudden maneuvering of motor vehicles. This case using the trackstand technique allows you to wait for that extra moment that can prevent an accident and then start pedaling safely.
  • Improving balance – mastering the surplace allows you to improve your riding balance, which can be very useful even for mountain bike enthusiasts.

Learning the trackstand is possible with some exercise. To start you can ride on a crumpled road and try slowly to stop, stand on the pedals and stay in balance. The center of gravity needs to be run with the whole body and with pedaling.

The mistake témany people make, is to look at the front wheel with fear of falling and not leaving the brake levers. In fact, for greater balance, the gaze must be fixed forward and the brakes have to be free.