To each its own Vitamin

To each its own Vitamin

Tiredness, irritability, fragile hairs and nails… how many times have we heard “you need more vitamins” and many times who suggested it was not wrong.

We present you some conditions in which your body needs more vitamins…

When you are stressed…
Increases you intake of Vitamin C from oranges, currant berries, bell peppers and broccoli.
Vitamin A which you can find in fish and vegetables of yellow and orange color
Folic acid in beans, spinach and wide leafy vegetables

If you smoke or do a lot of physical activity
Vitamin C the sufficient amount of an orange juice and a kiwi.
Vitamin E extra virgin olive oil and dried fruit.

If you are tired
Vitamin B3 which you can find in fish, legumes, whole grains and chickens.
Vitamin B5 in yeast, wide leafy vegetables and dried fruits.
And remember… for us sportsmen Vitamins intake through food is indispensable!!!