Tips for cycling in summer

Tips for cycling in summer

Summer temperatures are a big obstacle to be faced even for the most motivated cyclists. The temptation to leave the bike in the garage and avoiding a sweat bath is very strong.
Here’s some advice not to give up on a summer ride.

1. Get used to warmth
Cycling in the hottest hours without any preparation is absolutely to be avoided. You risk to compromise physical activity and running into some serious injury due to fatigue.
The first time it is best to go out early in the morning or at night and get used to the heat through other activities.

2. Stock up on water
It is important to carry a sufficient amount of water and of mineral-rich drinks. To prevent the water from coming in fast at high temperatures, it is possible to freeze half of the bottle in advance. The best thing is to have a spare bottle also frozen, but for 3/4. If long bike rides are foreseen, take advantage of every refreshment point to ensure you have fresh water.

3. Protect yourselves
To avoid sunburn during pedaling, it is essential to protect yourself with suitable clothing and sunscreen. Do not forget to wear a hat under your helmet to repair your head from the sun.

4. Get wet yourselves
To cool off do not use ice, but rather get wet yourselves with fresh water the neck and forearms.

5. Loosen the rhythm
Under the summer sun, keeping the same rhythm of the spring season is not conceivable. Relax the pace, your body will thank you.

6. Stay one step ahead
In the days prior to a ride you can prepare yourselves to deal with the heat by increasing the consumption of foods rich in liquids. Yes to fruits and vegetables and to drinks that help the recovery of electrolytes, better if protein-based.