Some tips for bicycle touring by mountain bike

Some tips for bicycle touring by mountain bike

Bicycle touring by mountain bike is an adventurous and exciting activity that allows you to live a unique experience. You are free to travel in wild places, not much frequented by traditional tourism, on a robust and reliable vehicle. The mountain bike is in fact able to face road and dirt road, steep climbs and long panoramic descents, without yielding.

The almost erect position of the mountain biker is another advantage if you have to spend many hours in the saddle. Furthermore, the absorption of vibrations is decidedly superior to traditional cycle touring bikes.

Fit the mountain bike for a trip

Since they are not designed to travel, mountain bikes do not have the possibility to transport the common cycling bags. The only solution to transport your belongings and the necessary equipment is the bikepacking. The bikepacking bags attach directly to the frame with straps. They are capacious and light.

What to bring with you

The necessary equipment depends a lot on the planned route and the opportunities it offers. If you are traveling in isolated areas, then you will need to bring a tent, a sleeping bag and a camping stove. Each of these elements must be chosen carefully based on the weight and size that they entail.

Even clothing varies depending on the route chosen, but must never forget a complete replacement of clothes, a rain and windproof cape, spare shoes.

A tool kit for emergency repairs must also be included. The kit can also be placed inside a handlebar bag with electronic devices useful to follow the path: cell phone, navigator, batteries, camera.

A couple of water bottles are essential especially if you plan to ride for many kilometers in desert areas, under the sun, away from populated centers. Energy bars and fruits are useful snacks during the ride.