Ticino Valley: from Abbiategrasso to Sesto Calende

Ticino Valley: from Abbiategrasso to Sesto Calende

Abbiategrasso is a delightful Lombard municipality whose territory is part of the Ticino Valley Park. The town is crossed by some water channels called “Navigli” and it is connected to Milan by the Naviglio Grande Cycle Track.

About 52 km north of the village is Lake Maggiore. Its shores can also be reached by bicycle along a cycling track that pass through almost the entire protected area of the Ticino Valley.

The itinerary runs along villas and parks overlooking the Naviglio Grande up to Vizzola Ticino where meets the river.

From here on, the course follows more or less faithfully the Ticino course. The area is characterized by lush vegetation, including weeping willows and colored hydrangeas. Immersed in this green landscape it is easy to forget about the very close presence of cities and industrial centers.

The last stretch of the river is not equipped with a cycle track, so you have to continue pedaling on a low traffic road.

Arrived at Sesto Calende you are now on the shores of Lake Maggiore: do not miss the opportunity for a lakeside walk.