Ten miraculous properties of water and lemon in the morning

Ten miraculous properties of water and lemon in the morning

Drink water and lemon in the morning is a way to detoxify and regenerate naturally. To start your detoxification and remineralising treatment with water and lemon, you need to follow some guidelines. Use tap water at room temperature or slightly warm. Always choose fresh lemons, if possible organic or cultivated by you. Avoid packed lemon juice. Squeeze half a lemon in a glass and fill it with water. Those who are over 70kg should use a whole lemon.
It’s better drink water and lemon in the morning on empty stomach. Avoid cold water for preparing water and lemon, as it requires more energy from the body to assimilate the drink.

The 10 benefits of water and lemon:

  1. Improves digestion
    Lemon juice stimulates the production of bile by the liver, necessary in digestion.
  2. Depuratives and diuretics
    Water and lemon have a purifying and diuretic effect. Drink water and lemon helps the body get rid of toxin, largely because this drink stimulates diuresis.
  3. Stimulates the immune system
    Lemons have a high vitamin C content, useful in counteracting and preventing flu.
  4. Adjust the pH
    Citric acid and vitamin C help reduce blood acidity levels. Drink water and lemon regularly helps to avoid acidosis in the body.
  5. It cleanses the skin
    Vitamin C and antioxidants contained in lemon help to counteract damage caused by free radicals and wrinkle formation.
  6. Energy and good mood
    The lemon flavor is capable of stimulating good mood and reducing anxiety and depression.
  7. Healing
    Vitamin C contained in lemon juice possesses anti-inflammatory properties. It also contributes to the maintenance of good health and recovery after illness or injury.
  8. Refreshes the breath
    Lemons refresh the breath, helping to get rid of toothache and gingivitis. Citric acid contained in lemons can erode the enamel. It is also useful to rinse your mouth with mild water after drinking water and lemon. It is also advisable to drink the drink with a straw.
  9. Hydration
    Water and lemon contribute to the body’s hydration and support the lymphatic system.
  10. Lose weight
    Drink water and lemon can stimulate weight loss. Lemon are rich in pectin, a fiber that helps to counter hunger.

Warning! Consuming too much water and lemon can cause stomach upset.


Acqua e limone, l’elisir del mattino