Start the workout for cyclocross

Start the workout for cyclocross

Isaac_suarez_ciclocrossThe cyclocross is a discipline that has come from the north of Europe and that is increasingly spread among mountain bikers and racing bikers. This discipline involves the use of a vehicle similar to the racing bike to run a ring circuit featuring by obstacles, ups, downs and mud.
The cyclocross is a fun alternative for the winter months, awaiting the resumption of agonistic activity in the spring. Deal with a path or a race of cyclocross, however, is very demanding and requires a specific workout.

The races last for between 45 and 60 minutes, and often the trail has spurts uphill or downhill so you need to load the bike on the shoulders and run. Physical and mental stress is remarkable and continuous throughout the duration of the trail.

To prepare to face it, you can implement the so-called “smart training” that allows you to focus on the most important features for the discipline of your interest. In the case of cyclocross are:

  • Training the lactic threshold
    The lactic threshold is the maximum limit within which the body can work at full capacity. Improving this value is the first step to complete a cyclocross race.
  • Aerobic Resistance
    It is necessary to train to be able to push long ratios even at low pedaling rates. In fact, the race path does not have time to shift the ratios and the mud is so high that it blocks the wheels.
  • Cross-Training
    It is a type of training to complement to the use of bicycle to getting used to carry on their shoulders the bike, as required by the discipline even for long stretches. A good alternative is the ride, or the swimming or the gym.
  • Technical training
    Control the techniques of driving in the mud is absolutely essential to tackle a cyclocross race. You need to be able to stay in balance, mount and unmount on the bike without ever stopping.

Practice with a plan allows you to reach the pre-established goals. Obviously, these goals must be honest and in accordance with the amount of time available for training. You do not become champions if you spend just one hour a week on the bike.
Very important is also the management of rest. We need to give our bodies time to compensate for the intense sporting activity and to change to better resist.
During rest days you can do stretching and yoga.