Recharge batteries while traveling: solar panels for bikes

Recharge batteries while traveling: solar panels for bikes

Bicycle touring is an activity with many advantages: it allows you to stay outdoors and enjoy nature, to get away from the frenzy of everyday life and technology screens.

However, cyclists, especially when traveling in remote areas, need to stay in touch with the world. A cell phone and a GPS navigator can be enough. The problem is that these devices work with batteries that need to be recharged. This can be very difficult if you do not have any service along the way.

The solution is the solar panels for bikes. A complete kit contains a solar panel, charge controller, battery, cables, and adapters to connect the device. In practice, the solar panel recharges the battery (internal or external) to which the phone or navigator is to be connected.

The panel can be exposed to the sun while you are pedaling and used on rainy days or at night to recharge your devices. You have to consider dispersions and power drops, but nothing that affects recharging.

There are plenty of panels for bikes on the market. The types vary depending on the size and type of panel they have. For example, those made of monocrystalline silicon provide greater power than polycrystalline. You must also pay attention to the adapters supplied with the panel and the battery: they must be compatible with the devices in your possession.

It is important to find a suitable place for the panel on the bike so that it does not get damaged during the journey. Some models are foldable or flexible just to prevent this possibility.