Replace the bicycle chain

Replace the bicycle chain

The bicycle chain is one of the components most subject to wear and it must be replaced more often. When you need to buy a new chain, it’s best to buy one with the same characteristics. In particular it is necessary to know:

  • Back speed: important to find the chain of the right width.
  • The membership group
  • Possible particular aspects: such as special anti-rust or anti-deterioration surface treatments or special constructive technologies.

The chain is more subject to deterioration than other components because it is exposed to dust, mud and water. However, the most wear is due to corrosion of atmospheric agents, the chain suffers from a mechanical effect called “stretching”.

This is because it works in continuous traction and this force, in the long run, changes the distance between the pivots. How long does it take to stretch so much to compromise the cyclist’s performance is not known to us, it depends on:

  • Mileage
  • Use of gearbox
  • Use in harsh conditions

To replace a worn chain you need to have:

  • Degreaser and a cloth
  • Brush and solvent
  • Chain tool
  • Permanent marker
  • Lubricant

Once the transmission has been cleaned, proceed with the chain tool to remove the old chain.Than, it removes the new chain from the packaging and with a cloth soaked in degreaser clean it to remove from its surface the oily product used as anti-rust. The new chain must be measured on the bicycle to define the appropriate length. Once the right measure is detected, a sign is made with the marker and the excess meshes are removed. Then close the chain and lubricate properly.