Proteins after training: when and how many?

Proteins after training: when and how many?

The body can absorb about 20 grams of protein at a time, so abundance with proteins after training is not recommended at all. Those in surplus are stored by the body and transformed into fat.

The ideal would be to consume a snack with about 20 grams of protein in the 30 to 60 minutes after the training session. Great snacks, in this sense, are also protein shakes.

Smoothies and shakes are easy and quick to prepare, can be made with various ingredients and in various flavors, the only limit is fantasy. Those prepared with natural foods are to be preferred rather than artificially enriched smoothies. The latter may, infect, be toxic to the liver.

The assumption that more proteins are ingested, the better is, is absolutely not true! In fact, the amount of protein recommended varies from person to person based on weight, age, and level of training. Once aware of the amount we need, the proteins are distributed equally during the day, leaving about 20 gr for after training.

Obviously if training takes place shortly before a main meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner), the best choice is to consume that meal and avoid adding other snacks.

Some good protein snacks are: banana pancakes with oats or stuffed quinoa and meat tomatoes.