Pesaro: from the city center to the sea on the Bicipolitana

Pesaro: from the city center to the sea on the Bicipolitana

BicipolitanaPesaro focuses on sustainable mobility! The “bicipolitana” was built following the pattern of the classic subways on surface: there are several lines (yellow, green, red, orange …) that connect the suburbs to the city center and then, to the sea, except that the rails are bike paths and the wagons are bicycles. The system guarantees fast travel, no ticket expenses, no stress for delays or traffic and especially no pollution!

Some paths are still being finalized but, for example, are already active and working:

The Blue Line. Which connects the city port to the sea along Viale Trieste and passes right in front of the Great Sphere of Arnaldo Pomodoro, bronze sculpture of the famous contemporary artist. At the end of the line you can take the coastal bicycle path running along the coast of Marche.

The Green Line. Which runs alongside the river Foglia for about 6 km. A beautiful itinerary in the greenery a few steps from the center of Pesaro dedicated to cyclist Umberto Cardinali. This line deserved the Italian Green Road Award at the CosmoBike Show’s last edition.

The Red Line. Which crosses the historic center of Pesaro from the birthplace of Gioacchino Rossini, to Piazza del Popolo and to the Historical Theater. A kind of guided tour of the artistic and architectural wonders of the city.