Pay attention to the liquid calories!

Pay attention to the liquid calories!

To lose weight properly, only bicycle activity is not enough. Exercise should be accompanied by a balanced diet and this is true both for solid foods and liquids.

Often we do not care how many calories contain all the fluids we ingest. They are simply underestimated and it’s a big mistake. Juices, energy drinks and alcohol contain many calories that you absolutely must take into account. The only calorie-free liquid is water. Drinking water is the best solution in every case and its consumption is increased as the outside temperature and training intensity increase.

How many calories contain non-alcoholic:

  • Soft drinks, like soda (250 ml) = 105 calories, 9 cubes of sugar
  • Ice tea (250 ml) = 70 calories, 6 cubes of sugar
  • Fruit smoothie (250 ml) = 135 calories, 10 cubes of sugar
  • Orange juice (250 ml) = 115 calories, 8 cubes of sugar
  • Energy drink (250 ml) = 116 calories, 9 cubes of sugar
  • Isotonic drink (250 ml) = 60 calories, 5 cubes of sugar

How many calories contain alcoholic:

  • White wine, sweet (250 ml) = 250 calories, 5 cubes of sugar
  • Red wine (250 ml) = 210 calories, ½ cube of sugar
  • Beer (250 ml) = 100 calories, 0 cubes of sugar


Some healthy alternatives to the drinks mentioned above are:

  • Flavored water – just leave red fruit, cuddly, cucumber or herbs infused into the water.
  • Cold tea – Black tea lends itself perfectly to replacing cold tea in the bottle. Just add lemon juice and mint as you like, leave it in the fridge for one night.
  • Coconut water – is very rich in potassium for which it is a natural energy drink.
  • Smoothie – Homemade fruits and vegetables do not contain too much calories because no sugars are added.