Pain on feet in cycling: the causes

Pain on feet in cycling: the causes

One of the most common problems spotted among cyclists is feet pain that can manifest itself in the form of swelling, loss of sensitivity, inflammation, soreness.
Compared to other sports, the feet is subjected to less effort in cycling but it is still possible to develop technopathies mostly linked to incorrect saddle position or unsuitable shoes.

One of the most common diseases is what is called “HOT FOOT”.
The sensation is a diffused burning sensation, with itching and swelling, so as to force the cyclist to stop, remove shoes and socks, and refresh the feet with water.

Equally known is the LOSS OF SENSITIVITY with a feeling of swelling. Often the problem are the shoes too small or too tight to slow down the blood circulation. It’s important to equip yourself with high quality cycling shoes to keep the feet warm, also the cold gives similar effects.

Many cyclists using quick release pedals also complain of ANKLE PAIN but, contrary to what may be thought, isn’t necessarily due to pedal technology. More often the pain is caused by incorrect position of the saddle or by incorrect adjustment of the cleats.

If pain persists, even after checking the shoes and cleats, it’s advisable to undergo full biomedical examination or ask for help from your doctor.