Mountain biking in the Park of  Lagoni: path and dirt road

Mountain biking in the Park of Lagoni: path and dirt road

Lagoni-MercuragoA real paradise for bikers on the Piedmont shores of Lake Maggiore.

Park of Lagoni Mercurago is located near Arona, in the green hills that rise on the western shore of Lake Maggiore.
Important site for archaeological finds, the park is especially appreciated for its extraordinary variety of natural environments: you pass through the woods to the peat bog, from rushes to pastures. Inside the park a dense network of well-marked and named trails makes mountain biking very easy and enjoyable.

Leave the car at the entrance of the park, it’s time to get on the bike and head along the trails. At first the dirt road climbs through the wood, the slope is minimal and easy to handle even for the less trained.

At the first junction turn left to take the Stra of Pianèl da Gatic and then the Stra of Lagon which brings us immediately to the view of the lagoon in the center of the park. From here you move on an asphalt road and you follow the signs for Dormelletto. This small historic village on the shores of Lake Maggiore is famous for its horse farms and for the endless possibilities of nautical sports. It is recommended to stop here for a stopover and you don’t miss the opportunity to taste some typical Piedmontese dishes in the local restaurants.

You return to the Park of Lago di Mercurigo from Via Camotto, a large pebble road that then continues on dirt road and it dives in the vegetation. We then walk back to the lagoon, but this time turn left onto Stra de Ia Buscarola. For the enthusiasts of this sport, on the right you can take advantage of a beautiful stables.

To finish the park tour, visiting the small lake and the pond area, you just have to follow the directions for the entry by pedaling first on the Senté da Custon and then on Stra di Pianèl da Gatic.