Main maintenance operations of flat pedals

Main maintenance operations of flat pedals

For the main mountain bike disciplines (All Mountain, Enduro, Downhill), flat pedals are an almost mandatory choice. They are the support surface on which the bikers rely on.
They must guarantee maximum resistance to slipping even under difficult conditions such as water, mud and snow that often characterize the competitions.
For this reason, there are small screws (pins) on the flat pedals that offer the necessary friction when in contact with the shoe.

Flat pedals collect dust, mud, water, snow, and soil that may in the long term compromise its functionality. So it is important to devote some minutes to their maintenance and revision.

The operations to be performed periodically are:

– Removing and cleaning – so that the pedal surface, the pins and the pivot are carefully cleaned.

– Pin check up – due to continuous vibration, the pins may loosen their grip. To avoid losing someone along the way, it’s good to check that the tightening is correct.

– Replacing the pins – if they are lost, the pins must be replaced as soon as possible with spare parts, otherwise they may lose the overall friction between the shoe and the pedal.

– Dismantling the pivot – the pivot around which the pedal rotates may become abrasive and stop working properly. It is necessary to disassemble and lubricate the internal components periodically.