Main causes of a noisy bike

Main causes of a noisy bike

Often, instead of cut through the fluid and silent air, the bicycle gives strange noises and crunches. What is it about? In most causes this is due to a build up of dirt or the need to carry out small maintenance.
Other times, an annoying squeak may be the symptom of a more serious problem. It is therefore important to understand where the noise comes from and how to eliminate it.

What to check?
After it has borne our weight, saddle and seat post can emit strange noises. The problem may be due to a rusty stuck attachment, the loosening of a clamp strap, or the reduced tightness of the saddle hull to the guides.

Especially when you standing on the pedals, the weight of the body rest on the handlebars. In the long run, this can cause yielding and therefore crunches. The easiest method to detect any weak points in the handlebar is to grab it with both hands and provoke it with conflicting forces. If you hear a creaking you need to dismantle it and observe it closely to detect damage or cracks.

More than the wheels, what can cause problems are the quick releases. Always clean them thoroughly and apply grease on the screws of both. The Teflon spray can also avoid oxidation.

If the chain is not lubricated properly it will cause some annoying crunches. If this is not the case, the strange noises can be due to: rusty pedals, gasket screws loosening, center movement worn.

Other annoying noises can be caused by incorrect tightening of the screws (also check luggage carrier and bottle holder). Be careful also not to be fooled from the frame, which being made up of empty hoses allows the sounds to move from one side of the bicycle to the other, misleading our perception of the noise.