Losing Weight: The Nutritionist’s Tips

Losing Weight: The Nutritionist’s Tips

Dear Doctor, in view of the beautiful season I would like to lose a bit of excess weight but I can’t… Can you help me? Can It possibly depends by my metabolism or unaware errors?

Dear Reader,

to lose weight effectively it’s necessary to affect the fat mass without penalizing muscle mass and not making any mistakes… often being followed by a professional figure could help you in this path.
I made a list below with the most common mistakes that prevent the loss of fat…

– Don’t eat enough legumes
Legumes allow you to give a sense of prolonged satiety with low calorie content

– Skip breakfast
Breakfast allows metabolism, which has slowed down during the night, to resume its normal rhythm and to return to burning fat faster.

– Don’t check the quantities
Portion control is the basis of any balanced diet. Always make sure the portions match with the hunger.

– Eating standing hurriedly without chewing enough
Some people have the habit of consuming meals standing. There is nothing more wrong for those who want to lose weight.
It’s always advisable to take the right time to eat, in order to facilitate digestion, and to do it sitting without distraction sources such as reading, radio or television.

– Don’t sleep enough
It’s extremely important to reach the seven/eight hours of sleep per day, especially if you are looking to lose weight. Sleep restores the right levels of energy in your body, and regulates the production of hormones that regulate hunger and satiety.

– Beware of low-fat foods
Low-calorie foods and low-fat foods can deceive,
since they are rich in chemical additives, sugar or sodium to compensate for the lack of flavor from fat removal. Also, you think that are “light” and so, they lead you to exaggerate with portions to achieve a right sense of satiety, canceling the benefits that you were supposed to obtain from their consumption.

– Do not eat enough vegetables
Eating from five to seven servings per day between fruit and vegetables is important to everyone’s health, but for those who want to lose weight it is of crucial importance. Free way to all local and seasonal fruits and vegetables !! In fact, the fibers make you feel more full and keep the gastro-intestinal system in full efficiency, allowing the body to dispose of all the toxins and they contain key health vitamins.

– Do not do enough physical activity
Remember 3 times a week for at least 40 minutes the fast walk is ideal

Dr. Emma Balsimelli
Emma Balsimelli graduated in Biotechnology at Diagnostic Medical at the University of Florence