Jump rope workout for cyclists

Jump rope workout for cyclists

Jump rope workout is a great alternative to classic bike training. Not always in fact you have the time or the possibility to ride on the saddle and grind miles, the rope can be used just days when it is impossible to ride a bike.

The advantages of using the rope for training are countless:

  • Has a low price
  • Can be done everywhere
  • The training sessions are short, not more than 30 minutes
  • Improve the coordination
  • Allows you to work on endurance
  • Interests all the muscles of the body and reinforce even the wrist

The rope is the primary instrument of athletic preparation for combat disciplines, but can also be useful to cyclists. This is because it is the simplest and most complete cardiovascular training form you can do.
Inserting the rope into your training plan helps improve the aerobic and lattice threshold and therefore improve your body’s response on the saddle.

Work with the rope requires concentration, coordination and reaction skills just like when you are pedaling. It improves your concentration on the pedal because it gets used to keeping a certain rhythm. If used with intelligence and criterion, exercise with the rope can bring many benefits to the cyclist both on the physical and the mental level.