Some information about the cargo bikes

Some information about the cargo bikes

Cargo bikes are three-wheeled bicycles designed for the transport of heavy and bulky goods, but also children. This type of bicycle is widespread in Northern Europe especially in Denmark and Holland. In recent years, however, their use has expanded to Great Britain and the United States. In Italy, I have just arrived, but they immediately conquered the cycle paths of the whole peninsula.

The maximum capacity of a cargo bike is about 150 kg. With a bike you can easily carry up to 4 children who can comfortably sit on special padded benches or coated in eco-leather. There are also anti-rain accessories, anti-slip rugs and steps to facilitate the climb.

A common cargo bike is about 215 cm long, of which at least 90 cm are occupied by the cargo / child cargo box. The width is over 90 cm.

They are great for delivering goods in city centers, ZTL, or as a support for a business idea on the road. Cargo bikes can be transformed into mobile ice cream, mobile workshop and much more.

Most cargo bikes have three wheels, but there are two-wheeled models where the chassis finds space along the chassis. The latter are considerably smaller and therefore more agile even in the street.

Getting on a cargo bike takes time, especially because they are heavy but in the end they perfectly replace the car for all commissions in the urban area. They are robust, require very little maintenance and last for years and years. On the market today there are also electrical versions that require less physical effort.