How to prepare yourself for cycling

How to prepare yourself for cycling

Cycling training is not just about the leg muscles. Buttocks, shoulders, back, arms and neck are involved the same way during pedaling.
That said, how to prepare to start cycling training?

Reinforce the whole body
Before getting into the saddle it would be useful to train the muscles of the whole body. You can spend 15 minutes and more time on the legs of the other parts of the body.

Improve flexibility
Stretching is essential for the cyclist, it helps him to easily reach the points of contact between his body and the bike: handlebars, saddles and pedals.¬†Spending 10 minutes before stretching is a useful exercise to improve one’s flexibility.

Improve coordination
Coordination is a fundamental characteristic especially for mountain bikers. To travel along dirt and rough paths, it serves balance, stability and coordination. If not, you risk ruining the ground at every turn.
Coordination training should be done after warm up and before resistance exercises.

Improve endurance
When you start cycling, you tend to reach high speeds immediately, but in this way fatigue is around the corner. Instead it is important to keep a slow and steady pace and increase the intensity week after week. In this way, you can gradually improve your resistance and reduce the risk of injuries.