Health comes with eating after holidays, away the toxins from the liver

Health comes with eating after holidays, away the toxins from the liver

The main organ of purification is the liver, did you know that in antiquity it was thought that the courage of men was based there? That is why, even today, it’s used to say of a bold person, who has the liver. The liver has fundamental roles, including the synthesis of plasma fats and proteins, carbohydrate metabolism, toxins and scums removal, bile production and glycogen permanence, as well as digestive functions. Very important is the production of cholesterol and triglycerides and the detoxification capacity, indeed this organ, despite having the ability to self-repair, sometimes the amount of toxins may be superior to the normal possibility of disposal.

At this point what happens? Substances return in system, obviously with greater danger and with greater difficulty in disposal. It’s clear that excessive nutrition unbalances the liver detox capability and has a negative impact to the metabolism of sugars and fats.

In everyday life, how can it affect you? Tiredness, apathy, digestive difficulties, weight gain, abdominal swelling and reduced capacity in losing weight.
Here, for you, the basic rules for a healthy liver:

1. Fiber, particularly that soluble, helps to reduce the absorption of sugars and saturated fat so go ahead with vegetables, fruits and whole grains such as barley, spelled, oats and whole grain rice and legumes, especially beans, chickpeas and lentils.

2. Omega 3, reduce fat accumulation in the liver and improve insulin sensitivity to be preferred blue fish (preferably fished and not bred) like cod and hake, dried fruits and oily seeds, such as almonds and nuts, rich in vitamin E, which has regenerative effect on liver cells.

3. Avoid baked products made with refined white flours and sugar, fried and grilled foods, fatty meats and processed meats, seasoned cheeses, cream, canned foods, alcoholic drinks, mayonnaise and sauces.

4. It’s not necessary to remove red meat, just know how to choose a lean cut and limit its consumption to 1-2 times per week, and choose a simple cooking.

To everything, physical activity, constantly carried out, should never be missed, besides allowing us to enter in our favorite jeans, is a panacea for our whole body.

I recommend a tisane based on artichoke, nettle and burdock to be consumed after the main meals.

Dr. Manuela Mapelli
Biologist Nutritionist
Receives by appointment at the 410 studio, via V. Veneto, 13 Lecco (LC)