Guidelines for choosing the water bottle

Guidelines for choosing the water bottle

Reintegrate water and mineral salts lost during cycling it is critical to not compromise our performance and keep the body running. To do this is necessary to have a water bottle.
It may seem like a little important detail, but before choosing which one to purchase is best to dedicate it the right attention.

A suitable bottle for cycling must:

  • keep the chemical-physical properties of the liquid unchanged over time without contaminating it with odors or flavors
  • be devoid of harmful chemical elements for health (such as the material used to soften plastic and BPA)
  • have an ergonomic shape
  • possess a closure able to withstand continuous openings and closures

Over the course of time, bottles suitable for every bike discipline were developed . There are those small and light for road, those with protective hood for mountain bikes, those for cold or hot liquids mostly dedicated to cyclotourism.

Choosing the bottle depends on your needs and preferences in terms of price and aesthetics.
In particular, it is necessary to evaluate:

  • dimension
  • cap resistance
  • spout operation
  • certification

To keep the bottle in the right condition and prevent it from damages, it is necessary to rinse it after each exit or workout with dish soap or other non-greasy solution. After some uses it is best to wash it thoroughly and always leave it to dry for at least one night.
When not being used, the bottle must be stored in a cool place without cap to allow the passage of air.