False myths about stretching

False myths about stretching

Stretching is also an important exercise for cyclists. Erroneously, many people underestimate the benefits that it can make in a sport where the important is “just pedaling”. All the muscles of the cyclist must support the athlete during the performance: are particularly involved arms, legs and back.

Starting from the assumption that those who read us are well aware of what has been said and applied themselves in stretching before and after riding the bike, here are some false myths that it is good to solve:

N°1 – If you don’t do stretching regularly, the muscles get smaller
When a joint has reached the maximum flexion or extension, our brain receives warning signals. If this articulation is not regularly exploited to the maximum of its potential, receptors that send the signal will begin to tolerate less tension. In practice, there is a loss of flexibility and not a shrinkage.
A muscle shrinkage may affect sarcomers (smaller muscle contractile parts) only in particular pathological conditions.

N°2 – Stretching relieves muscles pain
When experiencing severe muscular pains you should never stretch because the exercise could worsen the microfractures of the muscle fibers.
Generally more workout is intense than you need to pay attention to stretching. A too long stretching session can negatively affect the blood circulation and thus slow down the post-workout recovery.

N°3 – Stretching reduce the risk of accidents
It is an affirmation without any scientific basis. The purpose of stretching is to prepare muscles, tendons, joints, ligaments to the effort required by training. Improve muscle coordination and blood circulation in the muscles.