Excursion to the Park of the Ancient City of Sutri

Excursion to the Park of the Ancient City of Sutri

The territory of Tuscia, in Lazio, is ideal for families and beginners of mountain biking. There are many paths to be faced in tranquility on dirt roads or on provincial roads almost completely free of traffic.

The one proposed is just 20 km long with a 240-meter drop. Easy and fun also for children, the itinerary begins and ends at Bassano Romano passing through the archaeological area of Sutri.

It is a great excursion both in autumn and spring. You are pedaling along Via Cassia, an ancient commercial street in Rome also used as by pilgrims traveling to the capital during the Middle Ages.

The road is dotted with ruins and archaeological finds including several Etruscan tombs. These caves excavated in the rock were then transformed, in the 3rd century AD, in place of worship and seat of pagan ceremonies. Later, when Christian worship was established in Rome and in the rest of the empire, the Church transformed the caves into prayer and resting places for pilgrims. Inside, there are still several paintings that represent pilgrims traveling.

The route develops in the direction of Capranica Scalo without touching the town. The track, in fact, goes right and then straight to the Park of the Ancient City of Sutri. Here you can visit the rocky necropolis of Via Cassia, the Roman amphitheater and the Church of Santa Maria del Parto.

After the visit, you can return to Bassano Romano, completing the ring tour.