Eastern Sicily Tour

Eastern Sicily Tour

Sicily is a land of contrasts, memories and architectural styles, the legacy of the various peoples who have lived it over the centuries. The propose

Bicycle Route 76 – Transamerica Trail
By bike in the Trebbia River Park
Bicycle Touring in the Etruscan Coast

Sicily is a land of contrasts, memories and architectural styles, the legacy of the various peoples who have lived it over the centuries.
The proposed itinerary is a tour of eastern Sicily by bicycle divided into 13 days for a total of over 600 km.

Day 1: Aci Trezza-Taormina (53 km)
The starting point is Aci Trezza, a fishing town also cited by Verga in his stories. From here you cycle to Acireale just 5 km away. Its old volcanic stone paved area is a common feature of many local towns given the proximity of Etna.
You continue to ride in the country surrounded by lemon and orange scents to Taormina.

Day 2: Taormina-Castiglione of Sicily (47 km)
Direction Francavilla along the SS 185 to the entrance of the Gorges of Alcantara, one of the main rivers of Sicily. A walking tour along the waterway gives you unique emotions. Shortly before Fancavilla we head to Castiglione di Sicilia

Day 3: Castiglione di Sicilia-Nicolosi (57km)
Increasingly close to the volcano pedaling uphill to reach the village of Linguaglossa surrounded by vineyards and pistachio trees. Then cross Fornazzo, Sant’Alfio, Zafferana Etnea, Pedara and finally ends at Nicolosi, about 700 m above sea level, in the shadow of Etna.

Day 4: Nicolosi-Nicolosi (52 km)
The day is dedicated to the exploration of the volcano with a round trip.

Day 5: Nicolosi-Caltagirone (90 km)
From Nicolosi we take the downhill road, about 15km long, which leads down to PaternĂ². Then the route continues on the plain, leaving behind the volcano and the hills that surround it. You pass Palagonia and Catania, then climb up again for about 10 km to reach Caltagirone at 608 m above sea level.

Day 6: Caltagirone-Buccheri (69 km)
Caltagirone is a famous place for producing art ceramics and even in the historic center are examples of the imagination of local artisans. Leaving the village we begin the ride with ups and downs to the city of Grammichele, Vizzini, Monterosso. The day ends in Buccheri.

taormina the_volcano_Mount_Etna_Sicily Noto_cathedral Panorama_Ragusa_Ibla

Day 7: Buccheri-Acreide Palace (15 km)
Palazzo Acreide is the pearl of the Iblei Mountains, an ancient town that has preserved numerous Greek archaeological evidence and baroque architecture.

Day 8: Acreide Palace-Acreide Palace (46km)
The day is dedicated to exploring the surroundings of Palazzo Acreide as the inhabited center of Buscemi and Valle Anapo.

Day 9: Acreide-Ragusa Palace (40 km)
The itinerary between Palazzo Acreide and Ragusa takes place mostly flat and has no particular difficulty. Ragusa deserves a thorough visit. The city is practically divided in two: Hybla, the old town, and Ragusa, the new city.

Day 10: Ragusa-Marina di Modica (53 km)
From Ragusa you can quickly reach the city of Modica, an ancient resort and heritage of humanity. It goes on to Scicli, a true gem of Sicily still not known to mass tourism. Past Scicli you get to Marina di Modica and finally to the sea.

Day 11: Marina di Modica-Marzamemi (57 km)
Once you reach the coast, you continue to ride on the seafront in the direction of Pachino and Portopalo of Capo Passero, the most southern municipality of Italy. So the stage ends at Marzamemi, a seaside town.

Day 12: Marzamemi-Fontane Bianche (55 km)
The path continues in the vicinity of the coast through the Oasis of Vendicari, a particular marsh ecosystem that hosts various protected species. At the height of Noto you go back inward facing again a few climbs. You overtake Avola, place of production of the famous “Nero d’Avola” and then you arrive at Fontane Bianche.

Day 13: Fontane Bianche-Siracusa (40 km)
The last stage ends in Syracuse, another wonderful city that is worth visiting slowly to not missing any emotion.