A day on pedals to discover the lakes of Varese and Comabbio

A day on pedals to discover the lakes of Varese and Comabbio

An ideal itinerary to go with the whole family for a day of relax on the lakeshore.

The Varese and Comabbio Lakes, just 4 km away one from the other, are natural areas of incredible environmental value perfect for birdwatching, fishing and hiking. To visit them by bicycle, doing some stops in the most interesting places, you need just one day.

It starts from Gavirate on the north shore of Lake Varese. From here, keeping the water mirror on the right, take the cycle-pedestrian track that runs all around the lake.
A little over a kilometer from the start there is a first obligatory stop: the Cloister of Voltorre, built by Benedictine monks between 1100 and 1150 and now used to host art exhibitions and cultural events.

Continuing to pedal on the track you reach the Lido della Schiranna, a relax corner loved by the Varese inhabitants with swimming pools and restaurants overlooking the lake. At this point you can take advantage of the Lido for a stopover and refresh yourself with some typical local fish, local cheeses and sausage specialties such as Furmagina of Varese and goat’s salami.

Then, the cycle path continues, overtakes the south tip of the lake and turns westward, heading straight to the swamp of Brabbia. It is a protected oasi extremely riches wildlife and natural environments for which it really deserves to get off the bike and visit it on foot along the marked paths. In the rushes and in the woods of the swamp you will have the chance to spot cormorants, herons, moorhens, woodpeckers, hawks, buzzards, snipes and owls.

After passing the Brabbia area you come to touch the west tip of the lake, this is where you leave its shores in favor of Lake Comabbio, always staying on a bicycle trail.
Then you pass from Cassinetta to Varano Borghi and you begin to ride on the lake bicycle path, about 9 km long and partially suspended on the water.

Once the tour is over, you can choose whether to go back to Lake Maggiore again to the starting point.

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