Cycling below sea level in the Netherlands: LF9 – NAP Route

Cycling below sea level in the Netherlands: LF9 – NAP Route

In the heart of the village there is a cycling route that allows you to cycle for several kilometers below sea level. It is about 880 km long and is well known as LF9, or NAP Route. The route crosses the Netherlands from the border with Belgium to that with Germany.

This is a very impressive cycling route. In fact, you will cross a wide variety of landscapes: from forests to moors, from river valleys to walled cities. The route reaches 9 provinces!

Along the itinerary, there are many places to visit. Not to be missed are the historic villages of Gorinchem and Woudrichem, surrounded by tall medieval walls. The bicycle develops mostly in the countryside, in the most rural areas of the Netherlands, but also crosses some major cities.
Very nice to visit are Utrecht, Amersfoort and Groniga.

Also, since LF9 crosses numerous other cycling routes, you can take some detours and reach Amsterdam, Eindhoven or Rotterdam.

The possibilities for food and lodging are abundant along the entire route, which being also flat, is also suitable for cycling with children.