Cycling and back pain

Cycling and back pain

There are many cyclists who, when they get off the bike, complain of back pain. It is a common problem that affects about 99.5% of the world’s population. If it happens from time to time it can be suffice a painkiller, otherwise it is better to undergo an examination.

Let’s see what is the job required from the cyclist’s back.
The movement of the legs during the pedal is discharge on the back, the abs and the pectorals and in the long run in these areas may develop inflammation and pain. Back muscles are also the ultimate end point of the vibrations from the rear wheel.

But, be careful: if you are healthy, if your bicycle is perfectly adjusted for your physicality and you have an optimal riding style your back pain will only rarely appear.

The main causes of back pain for cyclists:

  • Wrong bicycle size or wrong measures of the bicycle
    The bicycle should be whole with the body, not too big or too small. The best way to solve the problem in case of wrong size or wrong measures is to contact a biomechanic. A professional will be able to adjust the bike according to your measurements and your driving style.
  • Wrong driving style
    Keep an aerodynamic position for too long or even when it’s not necessary is a rough error that weighs on muscles and joints. In case of mountain bikes, when faced with rough descents, never stay sit on the saddle because vibrations are transmitted directly to your back.
  • Central muscles underdeveloped
    Concentrating muscles strengthening only on the lower limbs is not at all useful in a sport like cycling. You need a well developed muscles on the upper limbs, chest and abs included. The muscles most affected by the stress of the bicycle are lumbar, abs and pectoral: you have to train them as much as your legs.