Cycle tracks in Estonia

Cycle tracks in Estonia

You do not hear about it often, but Estonia is one of the best European countries to explore on a bicycle. For years now, the country is engaged in the construction of cycle tracks that allow tourists to move safely across the country. Slow tourism is a new frontier that Estonia does not want to lose.

The large, open spaces, the luxuriant nature and the long hours of light that can be enjoyed between May and October make Estonia an ideal destination for less experienced and well-trained cyclists.

Are part of the network of cycle tracks in Estonia:

EE1 – the itinerary stretches along the coast, on the Baltic Sea, crossing various seaside towns in Estonia, summer fun capitals. The route also allows you to visit some islands located about ten kilometers from the coast, for example: Kihnu, Muhu, Saaremaa and Hiiuma.

EE3 – the itinerary crosses the country from north to south from the Russian border and ends at the Latvian border. Developing in the most inner part of the country, there are numerous hotels, towns and natural areas along the way. In fact you’ll travel across, the university campus of Tartu, the Karula National Park and the Otepaa area, known as the summer tourist destination.

EE4 – the itinerary crosses the country from south to north. The first section of the route runs along the Latvian border to the east in the southernmost part of Estonia. You pedal in the forest on dirt and asphalted roads to Tartu and then further north until you reach the Baltic coast. The route follows the coastline and ends in Tallin.