How to choose the GPS for the bike

How to choose the GPS for the bike

GPS for the bike are part of the category of portable navigators, those used for all outdoor activities. To equip your bicycle for excursions with these devices allow you to:

  • View geographic coordinates to define your location;
  • Record the path;
  • Follow trails that have already been traced;
  • Drive to a chosen point;
  • Mark an important point on the map;

The technological evolution of GPS for bike is extremely fast, lately, every year, there is some presentation for news.

In fact, the most expensive models have many additional functions besides those just described. For example, they can be equipped with a heart rate monitor.
Among the most important things to check when buying a GPS for the bike is the size of the display. While cycling is important to see all the information at once without having to concentrate on a small display and not focus on the street.

Not to be underestimated is even the cost. It is possible that, while cycling on a dirt road, the device fell off or get broken so it is best choosing a modest price.

Once secured on the handlebar we can use the GPS for bike in two ways:

– Record a new path – If you already know the area or if you want to explore a new area. In this latter case is useful to mark on the map every turning point or error made along the path. Then, after having modified the path on the computer, it will be possible to verify it following the direction of the GPS.

– Follow a path that has already been recorded – the track must be uploaded on the device, so the only thing to do is following the directions on the display.